在美国知识分享网站Quora上,有个人提了个问题,到底那些学霸们都是怎样学习的啊,为什么效率那么高看起来那么轻松前夫滚开?!一位学霸分享了自己的best study methods,并且得到了另外1万多学霸的认同,分享给期望提高效率的你们!
Planning and managing your study
1. Make a timetable; mine was 11 hours for study. It is first step to success.
做一个时间表:我以前是学习11个小时蛇侠 。这是迈向成功的第一步。
2. Humans can concentrate for 40 minutes on a subject, or maximum 1 hour. Do change your study material/subject after every 40 minutes or 1 hour. But later on you can increase this time slowly to 2 hours. I did this.
人们可以在一个课题上花费40分钟,或者最多1个小时。在每40分钟或1个小时之后换一下你的学习材料或者科目。但之后你可以慢慢地将这个时间增加到2个小时。我就是这样做的周小曼 。
3. Start time table by learning new things, after looking at the last day topics. Later chapters in books mostly have references from former ones. Learning new things at start gives you hope and makes you motivated.
4. Don’t start one subject or module after the other; take a break of 5 to ten minutes. In this time eat some chocolate, fruits and vitamins. Do some sit stands and go out to look in nature.
5. Study each subject three times a day, design time table such that every subject has 3 shifts per day.
6. Take notes in the first shift, and rehearse them in second shift and so on. Notes should not be exact copy of the book text.
第一遍的时候,kowell 做笔记,第二遍的时候复习,以此类推。笔记不能跟书本上的原文一样。
7. Re-allocate time for your modules in timetable after every, maximum two weeks. Or take your exams after one week and re-allocate based on the exam results.
8. Exam yourself sometime in the middle of the time table.
9. Second day佤邦新闻局 , start with looking at the topics of the last day. But never do an exam at the start of study time. Increase difficulty slowly from start to end.
在时间表的最后,用额外的时间来回顾一下你当天所第二天深宫女配 ,从前一天的内容回顾开始。但是绝对不要学习一开始就立马做个测试韦世乐。从开始到结束高恺蔚 ,慢慢增加难度。
10. Do some statistics on important and less important subjects or difficult and easy subjects and divide time with statistics methods. For example by first assigning the difficulty level to each subject like 40% and 60% etc.
11. If studying something which could be easily implemented in home or lab, don’t miss it. I, when studying biology, had tried to produce a new family of a tree though it was just a try and nothing resulted. I have been programming to simulate the physics concepts which helped a lot.

Exam Tips
1. End preparing for exams about one week before. Design your exams timetable so that your intense preparation ends about one week before the first day of paper.
2. Tension free preparation. Inside your heart you know I have one week, as a backup.
3. One week extra preparation. The last EXTRA week is now more valuable than one month.Everything you will do in this week will be extra and very motivational for you.
4. If there is 2, 3 days break between papers于新博 , don't stick with one subject. As mentioned above it kills productive study and focus. Change study module for the sake of attaining mind focus and refreshment, at least.
如果在考试中间,还有2~3周的时间周宴齐 ,千万别固执地复习一门科目。照着上面提到过的技巧有效率地专注复习就可以了。为了能够更专注一点,至少要换一下你的学习模式卓一婷 ,休息一下。
5. Review your notes the day before paper. This will give you an overview of all topics plus strengthening the memory connections for those topics.
6. After paper is over, don’t throw the question paper into dust bin, thinking that it’s gone now. It can help your mind settle down. Read and examine how much you did correctly.

Miscellaneous facts
1. Don't listen to love music or such type of songs. Listen to some good motivational music like "K'NAAN - WAVIN' FLAG".
不要听一些爱情类的音乐。听一些类似于“K'naan - Wavin' Flag”的激励音乐。
2. Do take some time for spirituality or loneliness, for many reasons it’s important.
花点时间在精神和心理调节上。某种程度上,这很重要dnf伊尔本 。
3. Play some sports or exercise魔王拽妃 , not too much.
4. Eat different things in daily life and especially in break times.
5. Listen to news for some time. If learning English, listen to BBC.
6. Play with children, they are also learning, observe them and their interest.

7. Do spend some time with family and share your status.
8. If possible, do have some time to teach someone. It will be best泽仁曲措, if you can teach what you are learning yourself.
9. For your tasks apart from study, make a to-do list. It’s very important to lessen the distraction and burden from your mind.
10. Understanding the problem, half solves it.
11. Imagine your success every day马德龙病 , imagine the future. You are investing on your future.
12. Spread knowledge.
13. If you note I have written number 1 for no love music三年五载造句 , in the details, I mean we should have zero distraction outside and inside of ourselves to create a creative state of mind, give all your attention to study when you study!
如果你看到我写的第一条关于不要听爱情类音乐的小点子,具体来说张静懿 ,我的意思是我们不能因外界有任何的分心毕美娜 ,要给自己建立一个创造性的精神状态沉沦木之音,在你学习的时候就完全专注于学习当中!
14. Do one thing at a time. Don’t have another part of your mind allocated for the mobile phone beside, or an open Facebook tab.
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